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State of API IntegrationCompanies in all industries are building businesses in increasingly competitive markets — and they are turning increasingly to the cloud to gain advantages. A majority of those companies will leverage APIs to further extend the value of their technology, including infusing artificial intelligence into their digital processes. How quickly are they scaling? What projects are they tackling first? How important is revenue generation? And who is managing it all?

In this report, you’ll learn how tech companies have connected Salesforce with their other technologies to go digital and:

  • The most common technologies deployed in the cloud today
  • Which new technologies businesses plan to deploy in the next 12 months
  • How companies are integrating and automating processes between these systems
  • How businesses are leveraging APIs to drive new business value
  • The types of AI that are being infused into processes today
  • The plan for leveraging intelligence in the next 12 months

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