Putting Data to Work for Marketing: The Power of Cloud Integration

Dan Oxenburgh, VP of Marketing, Jitterbit
Lisa Schuble, Solution Architect, Magnet 360

Marketing departments thrive on data. What’s surprising is how disconnected—and therefore, ineffective—the data often is. That’s why today’s most savvy marketing leaders are seeking a more robust business data network that leverages a cloud integration solution to enhance efficiency, improve analytics and become more audience-centric.

Join us for a live webinar that shows how Jitterbit and Magnet 360 empower marketing departments by:
  • Connecting marketing automation, BI, and audience segmentation to CRM and other platforms through cloud integration
  • Simplifying workflows by gaining access to all data from any interface a user desires
  • Transforming marketing execution and analytic capabilities by uncovering data blind spots and dead ends
We’ll also walk you through real-world enterprise use cases for cloud data integration workflows. Save your seat today for this special presentation, technical walk-through and interactive Q&A.

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