Five Key Elements for Every GDPR Plan

Henk Adriaans, VP of EMEA and DPO
Keith Rigg, Enterprise Architect, EMEA

It’s almost here. And with the GDPR date quickly approaching, many organizations are still formulating plans to address these data privacy regulations. With so many components to consider, in so little time, we want to make sure your organization is prepared to achieve and maintain compliance.

Join Jitterbit as we highlight five key elements for a sustainable GDPR strategy and how a cloud eiPaaS solution helps you achieve this.

In this webinar, learn about:
  • Automating data management and security tasks
  • Managing data from any single interface and user, such as your DPO
  • Monitoring data residency, integrity and flow across all connected systems
  • Visibility and control of all data access points
  • Scalability and flexibility to incorporate new data and systems quickly and easily
  • Enabling citizens for privacy-by-design controls
  • Seamless integration of systems for monitoring and reporting

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