Get the details on how we support size and complexity of any manufacturing process, including discrete, make-to-order (MTO), engineer-to-order (ETO), configure-to-order (CTO), mixed-mode, and make-to-stock environments.

API-led connectivity is a modern approach to harnessing the value of all available data toward the goal of creating an optimized value chain.

  • Streamline product design and development: Eliminate communication gaps between engineering and manufacturing for faster time to market.

  • Connect ERP and the shop floor: Generate more accurate demand forecasts that can reduce inventories by avoiding overproduction.

EpicorEpicor has partnered with Jitterbit to power their integration solution. Together, Epicor and Jitterbit provide a seamless way to connect Epicor ERP to any in-house, on-premise, or cloud-based system.

Download the eBook to learn about the benefits of connected manufacturing to maximize your investment across all of your systems with Epicor’s Integration Cloud Solution (EIC), Powered By Jitterbit. With EIC, you can build and automate workflows across financial, supply chain, manufacturing and order fulfillment systems.

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