At Jitterbit, we believe integration technology should be at the heart of every modern business. It’s the key, not only to unlocking greater efficiencies and better customer experiences, but also to adapting your business to meet the challenges and opportunities of external global forces - whatever they might be.

Someone once said, “those who innovate the future understand history the best.” That’s why we analysed the anonymised data of over 2,000 customers across EMEA in 2020 - 2021 to produce our first ever Integration Trends Report.

It gives an unparalleled view of how companies responded to the seismic challenges of the pandemic, revealing macro trends across markets as companies innovated to meet changing customer needs, the shift to home working and other accelerated trends besides.

The report also shows how companies are now investing their way out of the challenges of the last 18 months, preparing for ‘hypergrowth’ as the world emerges from the pandemic forever changed.

What you will find in the report

  • Deep analysis of the integration trends of the last two years
  • Actionable insight from thought leaders at companies including THG Ingenuity, Wayfair, gohenry, Wave, LAUDA, Funda, WaterAid and University of Brussels
  • Market insights including:
    • eCommerce spend increased by 99% in 2020
    • Investment in Employee Experience rose by 72% in 2020
  • Digital transformation predictions for the year ahead to take back into your business so you can stay ahead of the hypergrowth curve

The report is brimming with hard data and actionable insights from industry thought leaders to feed into your business strategy as we move into 2022.

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